Education Program

Education enables the communities to develop the human capital as it plays a big role in the improvement of the quality of human capital for better productivity and social development.

The department of education has designed key projects Child Headed Households, Community Based Education Interventions, Rights Education and Development, Early Childhood Project, Teacher Capacity Building, Child Education Sponsorship, Child Rights and Advocacy Project, Community Managed Microfinance, Savings and Loan Associations.       



Sensitization and advocacy on increased enrollment and retention at school at all levels of education targeting primary children.

Provision of scholastic materials to school going children targeting children in upper primary.

Economic empowerment of Teachers through savings and entrepreneurship skills. In order to encourage a competitive spirit, the project conducts annual scholastic awards for the best students at PLE.

Increase knowledge through inter school debates and study tours and Carrier guidance and life skills training for girls through Role models.