Our Objectives

  1. To promote sustainable development program premised primarily on the local people and their local resources in order to foster self-reliance and self-sustenance;
  2. To combat rural poverty by pursuing a sustainable grassroots based development approach;
  3. Empower communities to actively participate in making decisions that affect their lives, development and the environment in which they live;
  4. To promote lobby and advocacy as a means through which communities can effectively influence policies, programs and resource allocation in a fair and productive manner;
  5. To enable rural communities and vulnerable people enjoy their fundamental human rights;
  6. To establish, develop, maintain and run community health care units, public health centers, dispensaries, clinics and hospitals; and to train local community members to man and provide health services to their communities.;
  7. To educate and instruct local community members on modern agricultural farming techniques and crop storage methods and to start demonstration projects related to and relevant for such education and instruction;
  8. To promote local industry and to establish communal industrial projects based on the local resources;
  9. To establish, operate and support schools for general education and to build or assist in the building of churches, chapels and any other building that may further Christian evangelism and the development and adoption of Christian moral values;
  10. To promote the development of women’s economic power by providing appropriate low labour intensive technologies for house hold use to alleviate the heavy workload and drudgery of women’s daily work .