1. Education Program

    Education enables the communities to develop the human capital as it plays a big role in the improvement of the quality of human... Read more

  2. Health

    Health Program JADEF recognizes the fact that a healthy mind and body are critical for development. ... Read more

  3. Governance

    JADEF works with local leaders to promote good Governance and Human rights in Uganda. We do this through community Empowerment and Information.

    ... Read more

  4. Women and Youth

    We empower women and Youth through:

    1. Information Access
    2. Information research
    3. Information documentation 
    4. Information dissemination
    5. Information storage
    6. Volunteerism and capacity building
    7. Internship mentoring
    8. Exchange programs
  5. Agriculture Program

    Since Agriculture contributes 90% of the region’s and countries livelihood, JADEF set food and nutrition security as a priority in... Read more

  6. Services

    Jacqueline Amongin development foundation (JADEF) is a non-governmental organization formerly referred as hope foundation