Jacqueline Amongin development foundation (JADEF) is a non-governmental organization formerly referred as hope foundation

Services areas:



  1. To work towards educational reform and increased opportunities for marginalized groups especially women and girls.
  2. To increase the level of awareness among communities and leaders about the key interventions in maternal health.
  3. To work towards the reduction of gender based violence specially violence against women and girls through lobby and advocacy.
  4. To increase community awareness on child protection issues and management.
  5. To work towards increased women and youth participation in entrepreneur skills development. Our program areas

Health- health services and assistance to rural communities through ambulances, technical assistance and empowering the local health providers.

Governance-JADEF works with local leaders to promote good governance and human rights in Uganda. We do this through community empowerment and information.

Women & youth -we empower women and youth through information access, research, documentation, dissemination, storage and volunteerism and capacity building internship mentoring exchange programs

And many more!